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Having a BA (Hons) Business Management degree allows you to stand out in the job market. Our program focuses on ethical management, enterprise, sustainability, and global business. When delivering the big business ideas we use the entrepreneurial approach. This will allow you to engage with the local businesses through the creation and testing of ideas and theories in the group. After the theoretical classroom work, you will be allowed to take practical work during the placement. Therefore come and deepen your knowledge and skills in the understanding of business management with our internationally recognized Program.

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For the new generation of managers, change is the only consistency. With technology constantly evolving, it’s impossible to foresee what the world will look like in a few years’ time. But with the right skills, you can cope and succeed in any situation.

We can’t predict the future; but we can give you the skills and knowledge to help you become a rising talent within business, government or a non-profit organisation. We see it as our responsibility to encourage your curiosity, confidence, and ability to adapt. That way, you’ll have everything you need to secure your ideal career when you graduate.

Our strong links with industry and knowledge of their requirements for graduates helped to shape this programme.


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