In today’s highly competitive environment, you should constantly strive to better your area of expertise. To succeed in a specific career, it is essential to take professional training. Increasing numbers of people are pursuing these professional courses to improve their abilities. The courses further help in attaining the required industrial skills and knowledge. There are numerous advantages to taking professional courses, therefore it is a good idea to enroll in them.

Learning has evolved over time, as have our efforts to keep up with the rising bar set by students. For a working professional and executive, the right place and means to continually grow and update themselves with internationally recognized qualifications are now at their fingertips.

Aston International Education (AIE) has designed an ideal learning platform for executives and work professionals who are constantly on the go. An important part of Aston’s educational philosophy is to provide students with a variety of opportunities to interact with professionals from a variety of sectors and industries and to learn from professors with real-world expertise in the fields they study. At AIE, we do not teach. We help you learn. We are here to assist you in your educational journey.

Through Aston Business School’s strategic partnerships with top-tier universities and internationally recognized awarding bodies in the United Kingdom, learners can obtain globally recognized credentials that are aligned with current market trends and business requirements. Through our credit transfer possibilities from the Master level Extended Diploma program, students from reputable universities can directly enter the final dissertation stage of an MBA/MA/MSC.  We provide our students with a state-of-the-art Learning Management System that allows them to complete their graduate or diploma programmes at their convenience and at an affordable price. In today’s world of constant learning, education is the best way to stay on top of things.

Business School in Dubai

Our Vision

To enable working professionals continue their learning journey and achieve their desired goals

Our Mission

To serve as a guiding force for working professionals and students

Our Goal

To be one of the leading business learning schools in the UAE.